Poker Riley Jenner strip game
Riley Jenner
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Tony2021.11.29 11:01
As mentioned elswhere here. Get dealt a 4, 5,or 6 and go higher, 100 percent of time will be a lower card. If I do go lower always, 100 percent of time, deals higher. Yet the sluts get that result average 1 in 20. WHY????!!!!! Games are rigged to fucking hell ASSHOLES!!!!
Tony2021.11.29 10:56
Same old bullshitclosed loop program. Once we getto a certain level no matter what we have and choose the girls always win. Wish I was born with a cunt instead of an eight inch cock. If you have a cunt the world bends over backwards fr you. Sluts talk about equality, no such thing. Equality means equal results for same effort.
pepsi2021.11.25 21:25
Owner of website2020.08.14 06:39
Sexy the way they squeeze their boobs
mil2020.04.01 10:24
sex best
yana2020.04.01 10:22
the best
mila2020.04.01 10:20
nice game
2018.08.14 06:52
Come and Fuck my big cock
Hilsen2017.09.16 01:09
play with me

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